Kimberly, young survivor of the powerful hurricane Matthew

10 October 2017

Kimberly, young survivor of the powerful hurricane Matthew

Kimberly is 8 years old. She fetches 4-5 buckets of water each day for her Mom to be used for houses chores including laundry and dishes. During hurricane Matthew last year she was in Apricot, a small town close to the city of Jérémie which was also badly affected by the hurricane. She remembers that when the hurricane hit a lot of trees came down onto houses and destroyed the homes of so many people. One year after Mattew, Kimberly describes life as being so difficult for her and her family.

Kimberly is a living example of why it is so important to continue providing support after the initial response to an emergency. Oftentimes we forget that people still need this support to get back on their feet.

This is why UNFPA contiinues to advocate for a structured transition from emergency to longer term development. This includes protection for girls and women from exploitation and violence, as well as support for their health, specially reproductive health.

Photo and story: Nadia Todres - UNFPA/HAITI