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Project Window: UNFPA / CERF-UFE

Location: Grand'Anse and North West


Mimose Estinvil, a young female activist joined the Committee for the Fight against Gender-Based Violence (GBV) of the feminist organization "Fanm Deside (Women decide)". She chose to do so during the last commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women in 2020.

At this stage of the CERF 2020 project activities, she is proud of the progress observed in many women behaviors towards violence in the departments of Grand'Anse and North-West of Haiti.

Founded in 1989, in Jacmel, Haiti, Fanm Deside is a major reference organization in relation to the promotion and defense of women’s rights. As one of the recipients of CERF funds, they fight to improve the status of women and support women in need. They advocated for the elimination of domestic violence resulting from the patriarchal system and the prevailing climate of insecurity. From October to December 2020, Fanm Deside carried out nearly 500 public awareness raising sessions in the communities that benefitted disadvantaged women, men, young girls and boys.

"If I die, I will not die blindfolded, I will die as Mimose, a woman who fights against violence against women and girls," says Mimose, paraphrasing Suzanne Bélair, called Sanite Bélair (1781 - October 5, 1802), who was a Haitian freedom fighter and revolutionary, lieutenant in the army of Toussaint Louverture.

The two safe spaces located in the communes of Grand'Anse and Northwestern Haiti offers shelters to 59 people, including 57 women and 2 men. Most have been victims of sexual violence, emotional abuse, physical abuse or suffer psychological trauma from the loss of a loved one. Each survivor has founded the courage to participate in practical psychological exercises that are designed to strengthen their resilience.

Fanm Deside has built their capacity, through trainings and ongoing assistance, and provided financial support to those survivors to start their small business. These credits-union have improved women’s lives in targeted communities as a way to support their economic empowerment. It has allowed beneficiaries such as Mimose to get out of the circle of violence and promote their small business. For most of them, it’s a first step towards their new founded independence.

CERF-UFE have also support the Ministry of Health and other civil organizations to offer mobile clinic services throughout the response to COVID-19. Throughout 83 mobile clinics, held from May 5 to December 1, 2020, welcomed a total of 2,403 breastfeeding women, 1,190 pregnant women, 792 young people aged 14-19 and 765 children under one year-old. This revitalization of mobile clinics and home visits for the benefit of pregnant women at risk and new deliveries has strengthened access to basic reproductive services in remote areas in the North West of the country.