Raise awareness about equality between women and men on the occasion of the commemoration of International Women's Day in Haiti

12 March 2018
Voodoo female priests participating in celebration of International Women's Day

Port-au-Prince, Haiti, March 12, 2018 --- In her hometown, Port-de-Paix (north-west of Haiti), the First Lady, Martine Moïse, celebrated the International Women's Day on 8 March 2018, in the presence of several Government officials, including Eunide Innocent, Minister for Women Status and Women's Rights, representatives of the Diplomatic Corps and the United Nations System (MINUJUSTH, UNFPA, UNESCO in particular).

Many women participated in this activity around the theme "Vyolans sou fanm, fòk nou pale" (literally "Violence against women, we must speak").

Were honored on this occasion Marie Annaise Fertil Jean, Solange Brave Saturné and Hermione Cher-Aimé Tassy, for their commitment to the fight for gender equality and the respect of women and girls rights in the North West Department.

Martine Moïse said she was determined to continue the fight for equality between women and men and advocated against violence against women.

"Gender-based violence affects one in four women in Haiti and gender equality is crucial for the country's development," according to the United Nations in Haiti.

One of the highlights of this commemoration was the reading by the Deputy Mayor of Port-de-Paix, Yannick Agénor, of the declaration of commitment of the community leaders. This statement specifies the role that each community leader should play in raising awareness and preventing violence against women, as well as the partnership to be maintained with the MCFDF (Ministry for the Status of Women and Women's Rights) and all those who fight for the well-being of women and girls in society.

Among the women participating in this activity was 32-year-old Farah Jonassaint, who had her 6-month-old baby in her arms. It was for the first time ever that she participates in such an activity.

"I wanted to hear how officials intend to mentor women, because there are many women living in poverty," she said.

Senator Dieudonne Luma Etienne during one-on-one meetings with several women’s groups emphasized the importance of that day.   

“The 8th of March is not a party, but a day of reflection on the situation of women and the struggles to undergo for the conquest of their rights," she added.