Return on the International Women's Day with the national theme of commemoration "Peace and progress / development is also women's business"

18 April 2019
Minister of Women’s Affair and Women's Rights, Evelyne Sainvil, opening the commemoration ceremony of International Women Day

Port-au-Prince, April 10, 2019 --- The Ministry of Women’s Affairs and Women's Rights (MCFDF in French), with the support of UN Women and UNFPA, commemorated the International Women's Day in Port-au-Prince around the national theme "Peace and progress / development, it is the business of women too".

This round table, which brought together national actors and international partners as well as many women from a broad range of backgrounds, aimed to identify, according to the Ministry, a common understanding of the meaning and scope of March 8 in the struggle for the emancipation of women, their equality with men on all fronts and their commitment to peace, progress and security.

Human Rights of Haitian Women: Progress and obstacles by Sociology, How Can Women, Women Leaders in Particular, contribute to the Promotion of Peace, Political Stability and the Search for a Lasting Solution to Crises Affecting National Life were among the debated sub-themes.

The Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General, Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator of the United Nations Mission for the Support of Justice in Haiti has indicated the urgent need to find innovative and sustainable approaches to accelerate empowerment of women and gender equality.

Dr. Mamadou Diallo bases his appeal on a worrying observation. In fact, in Haiti, women receive lower wages than men, work more in the informal sector, have no right to social security (55.9%) and are less represented in formal jobs (30%). As a result, they have limited access to resources and economic opportunities, notes Dr. Diallo. In addition, less than 10% of violence against women is reported to the police. Maternal health remains a challenge with 529 deaths per 100,000 live births.

The commemoration of the International Women's Day took place in the Prison of Cabaret, in the West Department, where female prisoners with exemplary conduct were rewarded. UNFPA provided the women detainees with 350 hygiene kits.

This ceremony took place at the prison in the presence of the Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister for Human Rights and Poverty, Stéphanie Auguste, the Minister of Women’s Affairs and Women's Rights, Evelyne Sainvil, the Representative of UNFPA in Haiti, Yves Sassenrath, UN Women's Representative in Haiti, Dede Ekoue, and representatives of the United Nations Mission for Justice in Haiti (MINUJUSTH in French).