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Port-au-Prince, June 5, 2024 --- UNFPA, in collaboration with Fondation pour la Santé Reproductrice et l’Education Familiale (FOSREF) distributed 900 dignity kits and 450 mama kits to women and girls living in internal displacement (IDP) sites – École Paul Lochard, Delmas 24 and Solino.


In collaboration with the Centre pour le Développement et la Santé (CDS) and Femmes en Association pour le Développement d’Haïti et pour le Renforcement de l’Intégration Sociale (FADHRIS), UNFPA deployed 8 mobile clinics to displacement sites – Sowahah, Eglise Pentecôte des Frères Unis, Lycée Joseph Bernard, Lycée Collège Dei Virtus, Centre Hospitalier Fadhris, École Nationale Caroline Chauveau, Cour Source Divine, and Delmas 87) that provided sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and GBV services to 2,361 people, including 219 pregnant women and 77 people with disabilities.


787 pregnant women gave birth at 12 UNFPA-supported health facilities.


21 survivors of sexual violence received medical support.


Women’s temporary safe spaces and GBV service points were established by FOSREF in IDP sites (Delmas, Pétion-Ville, Lalue, and Christ-Roi) to address the absence of counseling or support for survivors of violence in new displacement sites as well as in affected communities in MZPAP. A total of 208 women and girls accessed services including counseling and psychosocial support. 


25 women and girls at risk of GBV were referred and accommodated in UNFPA-supported women's emergency and temporary shelters. They received support as needed including psychosocial and material support.


To ensure the continuity of services, UNFPA and its partners are operating a hotline to provide psychosocial support, information, referrals, and to document cases of GBV. An estimated 163 calls were made to the hotline in May.


Awareness raising on GBV services and how to access them reached 434 people, including 306 women and girls in different displacement sites.