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UNFPA's Response

UNFPA is committed to providing an adequate response to COVID-19 in Haiti so that no one is left behind. The agency has stepped up efforts to raise awareness against COVID-19 and protect women and girls. 2,579 maternity medical kits, 1,300 COVID-19 hygiene kits and 400 lamps were handed over to health institutions in 5 departments of Haiti to meet the needs of pregnant women. Food kits lasting several days were distributed to 200 pregnant women in the Northwest. New vehicles have been delivered to the directorates of the South-East and North-West health departments in order to increase maternal and newborn health services. 14 associations of the LGBTQ community and sex workers received food and protection kits as part of the fight against the coronavirus. Community health workers from the La Coupe de Pétion-Ville market raised awareness among traders about barrier actions to protect themselves and reduce the spread of COVID-19 in Haiti. 

40 Reproductive Health (RH) professionals have been deployed as part of COVID-19 border surveillance to provide protection against GBV, contraception and mental health counseling for 28,000 women and girls of reproductive age. 500,000 households have been reached through community broadcasting campaigns and 24-hour, 7 days on 7 maternal telehealth in remote areas. 40,000 safe and protected births were assisted during COVID-19 after the distribution of 3,000 personal protective equipment (PPE) kits covering 50% of Haiti's emergency obstetric and neonatal care network (EmONC).

In 2021, UNFPA will deploy 20,000 enumerators to collect data for the first-ever digital population and housing census in Haiti after 17 years.